Just Words

The enemies in my head,
Are merciless, they want me dead,
They have me surrounded, blocked in at every end,
And I’m coming up empty, again and again…

Jesus, my Rock,
God, my Delivering Shock,
Like cold water on a day that’s hot,
Please recover, I stop

Please, examine me through,
I do not want to rot fruit;
I am not going to stop, true,
But oh my dear Jesus, I need YOU!

Lord, I can’t see,
I’m tired and grieved,
When I ask for peace,
They tell me to leave
Well enough at ease
With their thoughts while I plead…

But You know,
You know,
I’m tired to the bone,
Feel lonely at home,
Got nowhere to go,
Oh God, how You know…

The mountains are calling,
Better than balcony falling;
I’m no longer squalling,
But I can’t bear this whole thing.

Blood keeps flowing
No matter where it’s going,
Until I’ve gone home and
They wonder why I went…

This heart is rent,
My strenght is spent,
I’m under a tent,
But there’s a leak by the vent,
And I’m just staring at it,
While the rest’s like cement.
And I’m just staring at it,
While my stomach gets wet.

Get it?
Flooding tent,
It’s so intense,
Hardy har, get hence.

If I can plead for mercy
In this, then please hear me,
But if it’s Your will for me here,
Then please defer me.
You’re God, I’m dirty;
Jesus, I’m Your sheep.

Do with me as You will,
I honestly will try to follow it still,
If I get murdered, then glory to Him,
Who paid for my debt without just one sin.

Put a gun to my head, bring it,
I’ll tell you ’bout Jesus, I’ll SING it!
You’ll wonder what I am smoking,
But He’s bigger than you think!

Can I please just sit at Your feet?
I know these are just words, I cannot compete;
I didn’t mean for my actions to start a stampede,
I really, really wanted to just sit at Your feet?

I beg for mercy,
Pray for humility,
Even just pity
From You, I’m squidgy…

Help me,
Help me
Help somebody else, please…
Help me,
Help me
Help somebody else, please…


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