They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint,
Oh, teach me, Lord, to wait…

If You say go, I will.
If you say it now, please help,
I’m scared that I’m deaf, can’t move,
Don’t know if I am headed toward You…

This list is Yours to check,
And I am imploring, please beck,
I cannot understand this heck,
I’m tempted to ask for the cheque…

Please, my hands are dirty,
I’m not sure how to undo this worry,
Jesus, I’m all Yours, please hurry,
I just can’t see the way off of this gurney.

Am I even trying?
Is this fake-crying?
Oh God…am I lying?
This anxiety’s unbridling,
I can’t tell if I am hiding,
Or if You are providing…

I just want to see,
These words don’t define me,
I just want to see,
These words will not provide relief.
I just want to see,
I can’t make You help me,
But I want to see,
And I’m begging You, please.

Oh Jeremy,
You already know this,
He’s helping me,
How could I doubt this?
I’m fixed on the wrong thing,
But He’s fixing it,
I want it off of me,
But He’s way too patient.
I will learn from this,
It’s not a wasted past,
I will overcome this,
Even if I come in last.

and that’s okay…

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