Keep Me

Keep me,
Keep me.
I keep thinking I’m slipping,
Help me,
Stay free.
I’m whipping my eyes back and forth and…
I need,
Your peace.
I’m tripping that I’m sinking.

Keep me,
Keep me,
There’s a road for my feet,
A narrow path just for me,
In Jesus’ Name, I walk free,
Help me not to set these
Wandering eyes on what I see,
It’s You in me, You straighten me,
I build a house of cards, but heaven has a nursery,
Help me just to walk in need,
Forever, God, with You with me.
Keep me,
Keep me,
Forever is a long time,
Staggering to my mind,
But I wanna walk in line,
Following You, so I can glorify,
And watch You work while I don’t whine.

Oh keep me,
Keep me…


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