I Want To Build You Something

I wanna make You something..
I wanna build something for You.
My Saviour, my King.

I’ll hide it here,
It’s quieter, more clear,
The audience may sneer,
Turn tail, run like deer,
But I’m never gonna veer,
You are my Messiah, ever near.

Forever near…

Let me just leave this where I put it,
I’m not so capable of attaining this,
But I really want to build You something,
I really want to honour Your suffering.

It’s better for me,
(Better for you too if you just see,)
To let go of life and instead love so free,
His righteousness will follow in this spree,
This is the kingdom roaring in its victory!

You’re blessed assurance for me,
Everything in life is for Your glory,
It’s all Yours, that’s true, end of story,
You didn’t stomp on death for misery!

And I know that as I grow,
This hope in me will flow,
And faith will produce in my soul
The understanding that attains Your goal.

I build house of cards,
You throw bullseye darts,
On my own I’m a desperate fart,
But You, Your love You just impart.

Thank You for Your mercy,
I could never have seen
Everything You do for me,
But You go on anyway,
Thank You, God, for victory,
Thank You, God, for a new leaf,.
Thank You God, for You for me,
Thank You, Jesus, You forgave me.

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