Winter’s Mercy

Oh Lord,
Please speak Your Word…

I feel like Dresden, Pop,
Keep fighting these battles, can’t stop,
Was kinda hoping Lasciel would shut up,
But her backup broke the law.
Her backup broke the law, God.

The upside of Winter, no matter that it’s dark,
Is it reminds you of what Summer’s worth,
But when the snow falls like mercy, we walk
On it anyway and enjoy the crunch as we work.

Which book am I in, why do I feel this urge
To constantly check the Weather Network?
When I wear my shield of faith on my back,
Oh may I have my duster, the one that’s black?

Hope there’s an upside to Winter, ’cause it’s already dark,
I needed a reminder of what Summer’s worth, 
I’m blessed, this snow is mercy, onward I’ll walk,
Forward every day, skulls crunch when I work.

If the corrupter in my head won’t leave,
If the parasite is only there to feed,
Then I’ll keep on until its welcome’s exceded,
But this whole thing feels unfair to me.

But there’s an upside to Winter, no matter how dark,
‘Cause it’s a reminder of what Summer’s worth,
This blessed snow is mercy, falling where I walk,
Blanketing my way, feet won’t slip while I work.

I’m really done with these Warden robes though,
That was never what my hope was for.
There’s blood on my hands for stepping into the war,
I really pray I’ll never go there no more.

And that’s the upside to Winter; God’s not in the dark,
It serves as a refresher of what Summer’s worth,
And He blesses snow to fall like mercy, wherever we walk,
Blankets my way, He keeps my feet sure while I work.

Thank You for helping me.
It’s really hard to see.
And You’re always ready,
Willing, able and helping.
Thank You.
Thank You.

What King would serve you?
What King would serve me?


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