Shout Over the Doubt

Who am I before You?
Who do You see in truth?
I’m searching for the One Who
Died for me and set me free too,
Are you hanging near my room?
If I just look out the window, will You fill my view?
If I look up, up above this, will you hear me though I stew?
You are goodness, and faithful,
Your righteousness is amazing,
You don’t make mistakes, let there be NO mistaking,
What You do for us is You relieve us from our quaking.

Am I wrong?
Am I wasting all this song?
Lord God, my doubt wants to be strong,
But I’d rather be wrong,
God, I’d rather be wrong
Than see all my sin at the beginning of my song.

Help me see the truth though,
Please help me do what You want,
I really, really don’t intend to fall down,
It’s hard for me to hear You sometimes.

Let me lay me down again,
I wanna walk from my will, it’s rent,
I wanna sit in Your meeting tent,
In Your temple until I’m all spent.


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