Don’t Be Scared, Jer!

Okay, okay,
It’s just words on a page,
Why am I so afraid?

Help me lay this all before You?
I’m a little bit anxious, yeah it’s true,
I can’t feel happy but I’m trying to,
And I’m panicking about it, whatchoo gonna do?
It’s not like this has ever pla-plagued you.

Now I’m not pointing with these ones,
Nah, I’m just playing with my finger guns,
Nobody else can see this, but I’m not left alone,
Bam, bam, bam, I’m always layin’ thoughts down.

At His feet,
Yeah, before you speak,
Lemme state this quick:
God is not a little geek,
No, He defines the way we’re meek,
But there’s no way on earth He’s weak.

No, He laid it down,
Took His life and He gave it all,
That’s more strength than we could’ve thought,
That’s more love than we were ever ought.

By far,
By far,
You are above the stars,
I’m reaching realy far,
But You’re close no matter where,
It’s amazing to me You do not care
If I trip, fall, You just sustain, You are more than fair.

His mercy trumps judgement,
It’s written, don’t judge it,
Let it amaze you, Christ is coming,
Gonna stomp all over Satan when we hear His heart drumming.

Oh death couldn’t hold You,
Oh, this forgiveness that You do,
What on earth, we don’t deserve this truth,
Your grace holds true when we fall apart on You!


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