Oh there we go!
Had to wait for NF to come on.

Oh take me to Your armoury,
Suit me up with all I need,
I wanna fight this enemy,
On my knees, so worshipfully.
I need Your helmet,
Your salvation given for free,
I need Your righteousness,
A breastplate that’s fitted to me,
I want Your truth to belt,
Keep me more settled on my knees,
And Your shoes fit so well,
With them I just walk in peace.
Here, though, hear though,
This is important, to protect your soul,
Arrange me with Your holy sword,
The Spirit of Truth, the double-edged Word,
Armed to the teeth; He writes it inward,
Heaven’s our goal, I’m not headed sinward.

[My fingers feel cold on this tiny keyboard.]

I’ll never give up, it’s Your spoken Word,
It never returns void or ends up backward.
I rely on You, You’ve never returned
Without more of truth, God, through You I’ve learned
So much about You, about living in this world.
Thank You for forgiveness, Your love is just absurd!

Help me,
Teach me,
[Thaw these fingers, help me write these…]

You are awesome, 
You are awesome.


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