Let me let go,
You’re the boat that tows,
The undercurrent flow that never lets go,
If hope is a thread, You make it a rope,
The stormwaves are thrashing; You are our scope.
Is it quiet
In my soul, am I hiding
In You; am I blinded?

I know milk doesn’t produce cream,
It’s true that water’s never fresher than the stream
That brought it from the mountains where it’s clean.

Crystal clear,
This water’s near,
In your heart, behind your teeth,
Seek the source and you’ll find your peace,
You’ll hunger and you’ll thirst to see,
You’ll learn that life cannot be seen,
The secrets hidden deeper than deep,
About life and wisdom and how we reek,
And how our God loves unconditionally,
How His love washes all of our junk free.

There’s a light in the dark,
It’s not bright, more like a spark,
But it’s deeper, stronger, forever in our hearts,
And it gets lighter the further we explore,
Shadows fall to light and the darkness goes obscure,
There was no life in us before He snatched us from the fire.

I will be,
I will be me,
No more secret see,
I’m not more special than these,
My life is not more important than peace,
I will no longer be subject to the thief.


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