For You.

I hear footsteps,
Familiar cadence sets
My heart at ease, content,
Longing from a distant past,
The warmest glimpse of glory’s laugh,
The future is the faintest memory, but lasts,
Don’t need to endure the past, we’re headed for the Promised Land.
And the darkest places we could ever think to be found,
Are nothing to the fact we’re homeward bound,
But I know the nights get dark like belowground,
And it can feel like our faith is unfound,
It gets so slow in the crowd,
Where misery drowns,
And loneliness abounds,
Like sick animals we’re found,
We’re put down…
But a lamp in the dark is profound,
Light stands out where it’s loud,
And the deepest, darkest shroud
Can never extinguish love endowed,
This gift that’s free and that can’t be disavowed,
There’s a constant, steady force that simply goes forward,
And this light that’s deep in me will always shine the more.


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