Oh! Oh oh!
Lemme tell you ’bout my soul!
There’s a message in my heart and
OH I gotta sow!
Not show, gotta glow,
Lemme go slow,
Rolling with the flow,
Can never get hope,
It’s given like a lifeline rope,
I’m not walking alone,
This life was too cold,
I gave up, I unrolled,
Suicide got my goat,
I left so much of it untold,
The darkest night of my soul.

I was gonna do it,
Jeremy was out to prove this,
Man of God set out to loot pits,
All by myself, I was full of it,
Thought it was a requirement,
Didn’t know I was just desirin’ it,
Perfection’s impossible, let’s get rearranging,
But death came closer than I thought it could come without deranging.

And I’m not sure,
I’m still a little scared,
That’s okay, I am growing in my Lord,
But I think I lost my hope in all the horror,
I fell, thought I was broken beyond repair,
Heard that He’d rejected me over and over…
And then God came home with a lion’s roar,
Yeah, the sun came up like night was simply over!

And it was dark,
So dark,
Sure that I was stuck in park,
Rusted parts that couldn’t start,
Turns out they’re gone from me like export,
And I’m walking this life like an expat.
Heck yeah!

Unconditional, that’s Your love.
Unconditional, that’s Your love.

Oh, save me from myself,
Oh, take me from the rest,
Lord, make me like the best,
Broken version of myself.
You stomp all over hell,
Lord God, may I help?


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