I’m insufficient on my own,
But who ever said You couldn’t bestow
Your perfect love in my heart, my soul?

Is my flesh doomed to fail You?
It’s an honest question, please reveal truth,
If my pissed mood prevails against You,
Will I fall from Your mention–steal my veiled brood!

I’m looking at the stars again,
The half-moon is half-shrouded in
Cloudiness like foggy vapour rising,
Like worship lifts, diffuses light so brightly.

Wisps of cloud drift through the sky,
Distant and underlit, fade before they say goodbye,
Ribbons of smokey strips, like smoke gets in my eye,
Twisting in city lights, rising high like praisefilled cry.

No matter what they say,
You say I can do this Your Way,
And it’s better for us both today
If I carry on in worship in Your grace,
I’m becoming okay with last place,
Second fiddle’s better than my own disgrace.

You’re awesome,
I know it ’cause You bought me,
My mind’s lost in
The Way You caught me,
I’m running!
The Way You taught me!

Oh, oh, I’m so sorry,
For all the times I left myself to worry,
And when I thought that You had left me for Your glory,
I’m really, really sorry,
It produced in me a harvest gory,
And to be honest, it still horrifies me,
I’m asking You to forgive my yesterday,
I’m really hoping You will hear my story.

You know me,
You’ve grown me,
You love me…
Show me how to love You back as the best me!
Show me how to love You back as the best me!


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