Take My Life

Three stages, get it on the pages,
I will complain, then refrain, then worship Your Holy Name, 
Hope that’s okay, it’s not a giving-up kind of day.
At least I’ll say, God, this is what happns to me, okay?
Yeah I know You’re aware, but I need this out there…

I got treated like a child yesterday, for real,
It’s not easy for this mind to be crazy,
I’m not really here in line to make your day reek,
Kinda of hurts to heal this thing up when I just wanna flee.

They call me weird,
They look at me and sneer,
They whisper when I leave,
They shut up when I appear,
It’s not easy for me,
It’s not easy for me.

It’s not that I don’t like your top-speed life,
And I’m not mad that you think you’re so nice,
But I’ve had my fill of all this sprinting left and right,
I’d rather sit real still and talk at night
Than drink or yell or watch men fight,
Again, I’m not right, just preference alright?
I love that it’s raining,
That the sun’s somewhere east playing,
That the streetlights seem like they’re praying,
That the gentle patter cleans my head from quaking.

Yesterday, last week, I watched
As Orion flared like a torch,
And the stars shone brighter than the church,
And a bright light in the sky came falling down to the earth,
It was blue, it flared white, it gave a whole new level to this looking up’s worth,
Nobody else seemed to notice, not sure if I was the one this was for,
But I saw it, I enjoyed, and Lord I’d like some more.

Because You’re awesome and amazing,
Darkness is as light to You, it’s crazy!
You’ve timed this whole thing to Your waiting,
All this falls in place with You, unbreaking,
My God, You love us like a Daddy,
We are not the righteousness that You display,
But we long for the chance to be in it one day,
We are the Christians for which You paid,
Near, far, not a question, ’cause our debt’s waylaid,
Always growing closer, like a garden in a glade,
Thickening, widening, You’re the Tender of my blades,
Bearing fruit, pruning shoots, You’re the Lover of my frayed
Edges showing through, where I’m still desert in my brain,
But You tend those too, pay extra attention to them as long as they stay.

You’re so good,
Through Your blood,
We’re here to become
Glory for Your Son,
We’re undone,
How far we’ve come,
This life is won,
Let’s walk ’til it’s done!

This life is won! 
Let’s walk ’til it’s done!


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