Some Truth For You

There’s a soundless scream
In my mind that I unleash,
So if my conversation seems
A little distant, please forgive me,
But oh don’t stop inviting me,
Just try and see,
Why I can’t always say “Yes” with ease,
I’m not trying to be,
But I know I’m flaky,
Please don’t give up on me.
See I like quiet, outside peace,
A bubbling stream or a whispering ski,
I like mountain hikes and lonely rides on bikes;
I like sitting alone, praying with my Christ,
And I like skipping stones on a beach while it’s light,
I love autumn every year, not matter what my fight,
Orion shines bright in the dark early night,
And the sunrise is bright, though it’s prefaced with ice.
I can just wrap my scarf round ’bout my neck twice.


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