Make It Better?

This might make it better, it might make it worse,
Either way, You’re strong, God, I give it up to Yours,
Because this feeling, these feelings are a hearse
And I just can’t seem to define it all in words.

These chains I’ve wrapped around myself
Are self-sustaining welts,
Sterling silver on my vampire’s pelt,
Cannot reduce this whimpering hell.

But I don’t WANT to complain,
Why can’t I SEE THROUGH the pain?
Why does it NEVER abate?
Why can’t I JUST let it waste?

Abide a bit and wait,
Hang on to His hope stake,
Never let go; it won’t break,
Won’t hit the brakes,
Water skiing on the lake,
Faith-momentum makes a wake
Even before we get there, we wait,
There’s no more peril to sway,
Now it’s just demons we slay!
So get out of my freaking way,
I’m plowing through your boueys today,
You’ll never get me out of His Way,
I’m walkin’ it, won’t talk it unless it’s okay,
My rhyming’s done, I might just quit and walk away,
But not before I tell you God saved the day.
But not before i tell you Jesus saved the day. 


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