Here’s my heart,
It’s torn apart,
I sinned from the start,
Now I’m torn apart.

Please don’t throw me away,
I can’t even claim ignorance today,
I’m not sure what to say…
Guess I ran away?

I’m so confusing,
This isn’t amusing,
I’m constantly effusing
Ice or steam, never let You in,
Help, help, help, I’m mewling,
Could never have expected this gruelling…

Here’s my heart,
I’ve torn it apart,
I sinned from the start,
Now I’m torn apart.

Maybe I never asked for Your forgiveness,
Maybe it’s all in the past because I couldn’t win this,
Everywhere I look, I see it pass me by without a second glance,
Promises galore, but it’s a birthday card you said I’d never miss.

I’m done pretending,
I’m undefending,
This life is ending,
I can feel my due date pending.

Here’s my heart,
I’m a sinner from the start,
I’ve torn it apart,
I’m all torn apart.

When I die, will You just sigh?
Or will You turn and run from my
Indescribably crass mind?
All I ever wanted was to look You in the eye.

Somehow I chose this ending,
I guess my vote was pending
And I wrote it down by spending
Your spoken Word of grace without Your blessing.

Oh Ishmael,
Your face is so pale,
Your demeanor so frail,
Why do we travail?
You’re bigger than a whale,
Indestructable and veiled,
I meant to wait for Isaac’s wail,
But I destroyed this promise myself,
Guess I slepwalked down to Georgia where I fell,
But I don’t remember wanting this more than Your will.

Whatever the case, Your word goes,
I cannot defend my sinful, writhing throes,
Pointing with my finger while inside it swarms in droves,
I thought maybe You’d end this if I acted like Your prose.

Here’s my heart.
Rent and torn apart,
I’m a sinner from the start,
I tore myself apart.


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