Where Am I?

How did I get here? What’s my objective?
My life’s not what you expected,
You say, “Got no plans, gonna leave dejected,”
But I can barely even dream before I’m deflated.

So where am I?
How far did I hide this time?
Where’s the sky?
It’s just rocky points to my eye.

Am I Telemachus or am I the ashes
Of a dead society? Eliminate your need for passion.
I guess I’ll just rededicate myself to Messiah’s Mansion,
I think this might proliferate if I don’t educate my asking.

So where am I?
Under what car did I hide this time?
Where’s the sky?
It’s just oil dripping in my eye.

Can I defend myself with answers?
Can I behead the devil on your shoulder?
Am I to apprehend your extra-defensive scolder
When all you do is let it moulder?

Oh where am I?
I’m desp’rate for Christ this time,
Where’s the sky?
Please remove this plank from my eye.

Guess I got hurt pretty bad,
Let my own words set a fire that burned fast,
Now this bridge is falling and I’m too tired to be mad,
Standing in the middle though, I wonder how we’ll land.

So where am I?
Falling gracefully this time?
Where’s the sky?
It’s rotating far too fast for my eye.

I hope I don’t die,
Hope I don’t get my blood in your eye,
I hope that we survive,
So we can retry this dive,
Righteous man falls down, but he hits retry,
Hope that we don’t turn down the grace on which we rely.

…where am I?
Did I land in my grave this time?
Where’s the sky?
Velvet with buttons, and I’m screaming for the sky.

Guess I let it go too far,
Guess I waited past the time for it to start,
I guess I didn’t listen quick enough before I fell apart,
These days I feel like Icarus, I flew but now I’m charred.

Oh. Where. Am. I?
Did I really betray You this time?
Where is the sky?
Blazing too brightly, it’s blinding my eye.

I am NOT gonna give up,
This broken record’s gonna spin out,
If You’ll defend me while I pirouette
Maybe I’ll find my estuary yet…

Where am I?
I know I’ll keep believing in time,
But where’s the sky?
I just kept thinking I’d find Your eye.

I’m not leaving until I find You,
I’m broken and I’m torn in two,
Betrayed, accused, unfairly scorned by fools,
They took my ev’rything and they burnt it with the food.

Where are You?
I’m yearning to find You this time.
Where is the sky?
Please, holy Father, just open Your eyes.

Please, dear Jesus, just see me with Your eyes.
Please, dear Jesus, just see me with Your eyes…


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