I’m agitated!
Can’t trust my thoughts,
I’m stuck in this box!
And you’re all judging my faults
Like they’re my fault,
And I’m not
Also struggling like mad, caught
Wind of your attitude, WHAT
The fuck do you think you’re about?

I’m agitated!
Nothing makes sense,
I’m always at my own defense,
Accusing at me from my own past tense,
Stupidness in the test,
I’m always fallin’ and you, well you’re the best,
I could not think to put myself on your fence,
Your opinions and attitudes and body language, tense,
 And you just won’t quit arguing, I’m awfulness intense,

I’m agitated!
You cannot say I am not trying!
You can’t tell me this is not me crying!
I don’t know what you think I hear you implying,
“Get better” is the knife you use against all of my whining,
But you never listen when I say I am fucking trying.
So shut up and listen, I’m sick of your sighing,
Waa waa, he uses bad words, waa, have you never once considered dying?
HOW CAN I PUT IT IN WORDS, you’re all about my pain.

I’m agitated…
You broke me badly,
Called my Daddy,
Told Him all about me,
Coward, you tattled,
And it was all prattle.
Why wouldn’t I have it?
Why did I do battle?
I’m so tired of these cattle,
Where can I belong? I’m addled…

Am I agitated?
Or am I just masturbating?
Ignoring the real pain
So I can point my finger in disdain?

Oh then ignore me,
I don’t blame You,
Ignore me.

But You’re good,
There’s no darkness in You,
You are righteousness and hope and,
Oh my God, I need Your mercy.

Oh my God, I need Your mercy. I’m trying way too hard.


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