Fall on You

Gonna keep these cards close,
This time I won’t let them loose,
The last book was too bruised,
Little too open for me to enthuse…

So I’ma hold this close,
I won’t waste my hope,
Gotta keep quiet and sow,
Not spread myself like oats,
Too sinful in my mind to cope,
But I know God’s got my soul.

If I keep my mouth shut,
Will You show up?
If I stay my “hold up,”
Will You become my loadout?
If I slip from Your righteous route,
Will You refuse me, hold out?
If I lose hope in this old bout,
Will You redeem my soul out?
If I keep close, if I always call for Your love,
Will You not restore my life from above?

This poetry is privacy,
It’s closet space, a solace place to breathe,
This isn’t even for me,
It’s for You, Lord, I could never really see,
I just hope You see,
Really hope You never ever give up on me.

Please help my mind be quiet,
It’s always such a riot,
You’re never on a high horse,
And I was just an old hearse,
But You restore worth,
And You’re never far from hurt,
No, I could never earn,
Everything Your Spirit yearns,
So I will always search,
Constantly and You’ll find me in turn.

I’m not here to lock myself away,
But I also cannot save the day,
So I lean, I LEAN on You, Yahweh,
Help me fall on You, I could never see the way.

Help me fall on You, I could never see the way.


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