Wisdom Tooth

Got a wisdom tooth yanked,
Yesterday, now I’m feeling jank-
-Y, but I’m not feelin’ that especially cranky.

So I wanna thank You, for helping me break free,
From what I can’t do, this whelping was made to be,
I’m so amiss with You, for telling me what not to see,
For what not to be,
I’m fearful in heat,
Don’t tell me I’m beat,
I just can’t do it with ease.

Rocks crash and waves break,
Your stash is cavin’ in today,
If you’re gonna play the game,
In your mind, to pass the blame,
Won’t take long before you’re broken and in pain
And you need to find a dentist to remove the rotten stain.

So it’s good that it got pulled,
Got three more, one’s overfull,
It’s a lesson to myself, not trying to make you ill,
Apparently, this beast inside of me keeps crying to eat its fill,
Gnash against yourself, I’m made of rocks and landfill.

But there’s new life in my core,
Bleeding out through the cracks in my floor,
This whole life is a bore,
But oh I know now there’s more,
And He’s resetting the score,
Might even have fruit in store.

I’m just begging, hoping, hanging onto flagging,
That I’m not the rebel you say, banging on your tamborine,
God, please lift me from this clay, I was angling for your nagging,
Not Your holy love, I’m sick, guess I’m angry with my sagging,
But I wanna keep this too, can’t think, hang me up with all the ragers.

There is no darkness in You,
It’s just a wisdom tooth,
Might cause me pain, too,
But You are my healer, soothe.

I’m letting go.
It’ll let go.
I’m letting go.
It’ll let go.


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