What’s Important

I remember early mornings,
Fading dawn and pearly north wind,
With the orange in the sky just a tinge,
And the cars in slush, just a rush in traffic.

I remember autumn evening,
When the orange of the leaves is appealing,
And the green in the trees as the sunset is leaving,
Amber street light is relief to ev’ry grieving.

I remember spring bus rides,
The water reflecting light from the signs
Of road splashing wet cascade over the sides,
And the quiet surmise of green lights in dark skies.

And I remember
The moon,
Self-directing its swoon,
Never stopping to woo,
Only carving its swoop,
And then bending in two,
And blending from view.

I will walk through green grass
And I will enjoy thoughts of the past,
The good, I’m hoping, yeah, ignore the bad,
It’s all hope in its stride, dandelions, kneepads.

There was a river,
That wound through a field.
Its current was lazy, water thick and congealed,
But the sun would set the same, set fire to ripples so real.

Why don’t you stop to notice?
A thorn bush produces roses.
Thinner vines stretch their noses
And climb higher than the others.

A dead branch makes way for three,
There’s no crop unless you plant a seed,
Nothing’s filled that wasn’t first empty,
You’ll never find a man who wasn’t once in need.

God doesn’t want a trophy wife,
This I believe with all my life,
And if all you want is strife,
Then go ahead and take a bite.

But it bites back
Then it’s a heart attack,
We wound with our lack,
Stab weak hearts in the back,
Ignore their cries to come back,
While we nurse our bad path.

So let it go, let it go,
Keep quiet and sow,
There’s no honour in boasts,
I’ll never accomplish His most.

Keep quiet and sow,
I’ll never accomplish His most.


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