Useless, Fruitless

Where did You go?
Why so downcast, oh my soul?
Everything sucks, I’m always low,
I thought You would help; please let go…

Isn’t there a way to do Your ways,
Without getting punished for having faith,
Isn’t there ever any relief? Can’t keep this pace.
I’m so TIRED, I’m getting out,, there must be a way.

You say You’re the way, the truth and the life,
But when I look to You, I get in my own eye,
Just sawdust in the wind, oh let me die.
What of mine spent the last of Yours? Help me die?

I guess I’m just too angry,
Too much angst to be set free,
But You’re persistent, calling me,
Do this better, that’s awful, can’t I see?

Guess I always thoought at some point I’d get this,
Guess I never once expected I was like Narcissis,
If You could please finish the barb-wire pull, it’s merciless,
I thought I could trust you, but it turned into heresy fits.

Please don’t hate me anymore,
Please don’t hurt me anymore,
Please just leave me like a whore,
I could never have attained to Yours.
Please don’t leave me like a whore,
I can never, ever attain to Yours.


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