I Will, I Will…

I’m fresh out the labyrinth,
Yeah, Pan took a camera,
But I think I know each nook and cranny,
Lemme tell you, fantasy is hell in reality.

I was told this was in my head,
So in I went to beat it dead,
But wow, did you forsee this end?
Can I even call you my friend?

Broken knee looked to you like a sprain,
But listening to your advice sent me insane,
Took me a long long time to understand my brain,
And I don’t think you have ever felt this pain.

If the Hulk turned green from screaming
Inside, then I promise I’d be him.
It’s my big secret who I am within,
Feeling like I’m dying, but today’s mask is a grin.

But I forgive you now,
I honestly don’t know how,
But I can forgive you now.
I guess God in me fulfilled His vow

So now I can try
Real hard ’til I die,
To suppress my sighs,
And duck from your lies,
At least ’til your skies
Ar’n’t filled with bloatflies,
When you open your eyes,
And tell me I’m high,
That I should realize
The depth of my sins or I’ll die.

I’m acutely aware,
This mind isn’t that bare,
That I wander, beware,
I’m always under my glare,
Constant accusal to scare,
Guess I’m just checking to see if it’s there,
Could use a relief, not your advice in error.

But I will forgive you.
I WILL let it go too.
God will help me, it’s true,
Until I forgive you.


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