I forgive you, okay.
This is hard for me.
I didn’t know it was so bad, okay?
I forgive you now, today.

You touched me and I didn’t know what to say,
My teenaged self wasn’t equipped to push you away,
I wish I’d never ever said “Okay.”
But now I forgive you, okay?

You hurt me, made me so small,
You all picked on me, held me down while I bawled
Inside, leave me alone, I just want to die,
While you beat me with drumsticks, laughing all the whiile.

But I forgive you, okay.
I will not hold it against you anymore.
It’s done and the damage is real,
But I won’t be angry anymore.

I forgive me.
I reached and did the same,
I hurt and slayed,
Took and took and never gave,
Lied to save face and stole your faith.

I’m sorry, and I forgive me.
I won’t hold it against me anymore,
I’m so sorry, please forgive me.
I won’t hold it against me anymore.

The ones I touched, oh God,
Oh forgive me, this one is so hard
To let go of, oh help me, God,
I didn’t know, thought I was a little kid.

Oh God…


I don’t know what to say…

I forgive me, okay?
I forgive me today.


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