Thank You…

Oh bloody ribbon day,
Stupid useless Saturday,
What did you promise me?
This is worse than dismay.

So I wanna say thank You.
Wanna say thank You, God,
I thought I was less than You,
Never knew I was lower than poop.

Are You embarrassed by me?
Is the only joy you can receive
From me this neverending misery?
I’m TIRED of pretending to be happy.

“Breakthrough!” You say,
“New life!”, “Promises!”
But I’m flayed,
Open, displayed,

Guess that’s good.
So I wanna say thank You,
Wanna say thank You, God,
I hate this bitterness too,
But I’m sure there’s still lower for me to stoop.

I don’t know why I believe,
But I also can’t stop this grief,
One’s You, the other is a thief,
Ruining me, ruining my bequeathed.

I’m miserable in dust,
Doesn’t matter if I conquered lust,
Right now I cannot trust,
I need Your faithfulness, I must…

…Wanna thank You, 
Wanna say thank-you, God,
I’m bitter and dry with sarcastic rot,
I guess I’m in a perpetual drought.

Shut up and take your medicine,
Shut up and take your medicine,
I hate this sin, this emptying grin,
Rapes me thin, black smoke engine.
Guess I should thank You,
I really think I should thank You, God,
I’m bleeding less than I ought,
Guess it’s good for me to stop.

But I’m wondering why if you’re thundering,
I can’t see a thing, not even a flash of lightning,
Just gallows for me to hang, I’m alone without a gang,
Never had a friend who didn’t give me up for dead.

So, You know, thank You,
You see this, thank You, God,
I still have more than I deserve, horror’s my lot,
So I’ll just be super sad and endure this long, long walk.

Thank You.
Thank You.
Not sure if this is worth it right now, do You?
Not sure if I can work this right now, do You?


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