Merciful Advocate

God, where’s my pain?
I woke up devoid of it today,
Now, I do not mean to complain,
But how long will it refrain?

I can just stand in the rain,
Until it’s all washed white from grey,
Let Him save the day,
I guess the old passes away.

So what can I say to You, Yahweh?
Isn’t it amazing that You’d even show Your face,
Nevermind follow it up with a shower of grace?
You can somehow bear this mind even when I’m in last place.

Leave me at the back where I can see,
Help me not attack when I feel greed,
Leave me in this place, God, until I’m free,
I will give in to the death of my flesh needs.

Because You are great,
God, You create
Such amazing ways,
Such goals to chase,
Such hope to embrace.
I can finish this race,
I can endure it at this pace,
Because You place
Your Spirit in me, oh and You wait
Patiently on me when I break.
Thank You, Wonderful Advocate,
Your mercy will never abate.


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