This Is Me

This is me, green-skinned but just like you,
But I’m at peace, being in myself, it’s You;
I’m so free, because it’s high time I grew,
But I am green, we’ve come to enjoy this view,
And if I may, let me suggest you do too,
‘Cause this seems to be sticking around, it’s true.

Oh the dome of my mind has a dent,
And my gaze is a blank look like I’m vacant,
But I’m keeping myself a single little secret,
This is my surface, but you’ve never seen beneath it.
And I’m at your service, but you don’t seem to need it.

And there’s the medicine in my mouth,
Pills are hell, marijuana helps me out,
You think I’m bad now, you should see me without,
Constantly at your accusation about a doubt,
Sometimes I wish a vacation, I could just scream and shout.

Wonder why I’m blue?
Wonder why my words are all so cruel?
Ignore the navy comfort on my stoop,
I’m not as effortless as you.
This hood is righteousness in Truth.

Oh I wasn’t makin’ accidents,
Following in my Father’s steps,
Pursuing honestly because He’s set
My heart on everything that’s yet
To come, inheriting His debt.

And I’m broken on the outside,
There’s no way I can deny,
But my Saviour can hide
Me under His wings, inside,
So why should I be angry when I can cry?


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