Silly Faith

Silly Faith,
You never fly away,
Butterflies and rain,
Doesn’t matter to Your wind,
You never run and hide,
You’re just constantly inside,
I can’t forget Your eye,
You’re perfect every time
When I cry, You fly to my side, catch me, let me hide,
What can I say? What words can I prize?
I’m inside, upside-down, myself beside,
I don’t deserve You, yet You pursue this guy,
I feel like I’ve received my due,
But You don’t give up, do You?
You’ve already put my faith in You,
Oh God, I’m so sorry, too,
Thank You, thank You, thank You,
I wish I could stay in this truth,
I wish I didn’t run and hide when I’m blue,
You’re perfect, there is no darkness in You,
Help me, please help me be stronger when I’m through.


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