The Bee and the Yellow Jacket

Let me tell you a mystery,
My loving Father’s instructing me,
When you’re faced with fear or defeat,
Take a look and examine the beast,
Is it buzzing innocently, bumbliing like a bee?
Or is it growling angrily, the yellow jacket thief?

‘Cause they’re both yellow, in summer they’re mellow,
Prob’ly won’t sting unless you come near their fellows,
Disturbing their nest, becoming their pest, they’ll tell you,
But mind your own and they don’t mind you, they just follow
Along on their tracks, their buzzing little paths, don’t bother,
Bees tend to wander and a yellow jacket ponders 
But it’s always complicated when they get you with their stinger.
Bite you in the finger, prick you under the fender,
No matter what, it’ll always swell, leave you walking tender.

But there’s a difference between the sting and bite that’s like a wasp,
Oh you’ll split and run away to nurse it back to health,
But a bee will never sting you more than the single shot that’s dealt,
A wasp will dig its fangs in until the venom’s out.
One of them’s merciless, the other calculated,
The venom of one can be used as medication,
But the yellow jacket’s bite is ruthless with its inflammation,
So if I may make just one more comparison,
It’s that a yellow jacket flies away with satisfaction,
But the bee that stings in self defense is on a martyr’s mission,
See, a yellow jacket only bites maliciously,
But a bee, though it stings, sends its message, then it dies for me.

So if your trial’s wearying, check the source of its enduring end,
If the stinger’s stuck in, at least you can put the fire out,
And if it’s flaming in its blaming, then just defy your doubt,
Smother it in Afterbite, find another fight, it’ll fizzle out.

Father is good to us,
His creation teaches us,
How to handle this fuss,
To avoid the bussle and fluff,
And embrace the wonderful stuff.

Don’t really care if my rhymes make you writhe,
Make you think my mind must be completely out of time,
Knocking like an old truck of mine, timing belt’s going to unwind.
Wouldn’t waste mine, if I had your time; got Jesus on my mind,
This God of mine, I’m made in His mind, could not let Him go this time.

Won’t ever let Him go this time,
Won’t ever be let go this time.
Won’t ever lose hope this time.
Won’t ever be lost in His mind.


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