Just a quick question for now,
Gotta replace this cigarette box,
But I’d like to write this out,
Put my thoughts down for Your fount,
To replace this what I’ve got,
To reinterpret the size of my lot.

Sometimes I wonder, God, I even plead,
If I’d never been diagnosed with OCD,
If they’d never taught me about this anxiety,
Would I be able to serve more freely?
Wouldn’t it have been clearer in this scene?

See, I get my wires crossed, confusing chemical for sin,
Listening to ev’ryone when they say I’m consciously rebelling,
I let the voices in my head fill my physical mind with dreading,
But I could never forget the One who lifts me from my sweaty bedding,
Ev’ry single morning, our big secret, I insist on His mosquito netting.

I’m here and I’m listening,
Let me be clear and expect You,
Let me have faith in Your lecture,
In Your perfect Word’s inflection.
Love Your righteousness, perfection.


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