Up Here

Come up here,
Come up here,
Listen to my voice, clear,
I can speak over fear,
So don’t pull away, just draw near,
Listen for Me, hope for Me, I am here,
I promise it’s Me, no counterfeit thief,
You waited for Me, took your time to believe,
You never gave up, just waited in spite of your fear.

Now I’m gonna bless you,
I promised, unless you
Would rather I didn’t–don’t worry, I know you,
Found love in you, even hope too,
Would never give up on you, your heart is true.
How can you know this is Me,
Unless you already believe,
Enough to let Me speak,
Your voice, My heart so pure, free?
I see you wish you had coffee,
Don’t worry, that’s for morning,
I love you, my Jeremy,
Would never declare this,
If it weren’t true, I prepared this,
Don’t worry about your words’ perfectness,
It’s not like you own this, 
I already bought this, already pwned this,
Love you through all this, I’ll never refuse your kiss.

It’s true, I bought you, paid for you, I love you.
I love you.
God loves you.
Jesus loves you,
His Holy Spirit abides in you,
He loves you too,
As the Father loves so true!
Don’t worry about what you can’t see through,
It’s going to make sense in the end, He’ll reveal the truth,
And I promised you. I know what I promised you.

Write this down, it’s so true,
I’m never gonna give up on you,
Never gonna let you down, speak the truth!
It’s okay. Don’t be afraid.
I love you and I love your crea-
Ted lines like I’m always on your mind,
I know just what you like, and I’m providing for your life,
I will never let you fall, will always be at your call,
Don’t be afraid! Who holds you up up with My righteous right hand?
It’s so much more than you can stand,
But I’ve given you the land,
I promise you can stand,
On the faith that I have grant-
Ed and you’re well set on your path,
On the way I set for you to track,
The road I walked before you once said, “Ack!”

Can we use some big words, Dad,
Gonna make the rhythm rad?
Maybe that sounds bad, some would say that I have had,
My fill of what this brand of the world is on my back,
Behind, gonna have to wish I had
Stuck with everything You said.
All the stuff You were sayin’,
All the trust You were layin’,
All the wisdom and Your righteous sayin’s
Oh my God, did I grab this play again?
Lemme just step back, Jesus take this able pen…

Do you make yourself cry with the smoke in your eyes?
Are you so stuck in a lie that you just can’t see My eye?
Never let it be, I would rather come and die than ever leave your side,
Don’t worry! I’ll say it a thousand times until it’s emblazened on your thighs,
‘Til you’re walking like you’ve died, oh I’ll never throw you aside.

I will never throw you aside.
I have promised to My bride,
That as long as I’m alive, 
(That’s forever, if you’re shy,)
I will defend you with pride,
And I’ll honour all, even what I’ve implied.

Promise you.
I promise it’s true,
I am alive in you,
I give you life eternal too.
Your fear melts away when I’m through,
My dear, your heart tells me all that’s true in you.

I will never leave you.
I will never forsake you.


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