Please, Again

God, I’m face to face with a problem of fact,
Noticed in me that I’m prideful as crap,
That I’m constantly trying to act like I’m all that,
Cannot refute this track of mind, stings like a yellow jacket.

At least a bee would die for me,
This one’s a bit harder to see,
Good in a trial that’s persistently
Arguing, and accusing at me.
I want to serve You,
I want to be held true,
I want to be seen by You and know that I serve You,
I want to be whole, new, eternity as my fruit.

Father, please forgive me again,
Jesus, You give me peace ’til the end,
I’ve sinned against Your perfect Name and,
I only want Your forever hands,
Holding me, tucking me closer in,
Wash me clean so I can reoppose him,
This enemy in me, my fleshly needs so grim,
Be the number one in me, set Yourself up front in my head.

I don’t need to be perfect, You’ve done it,
There’s no weed to uproot, I’m runnin’,
Oh God, Your mercy bears my fruit, not rottin’,
Please restore this see inside of my need for loving.

Now I’m not number one,
No, I know that I’d come undone,
Without the mercy of God’s own Son,
Pursuing me like I’m someone He loves.

It seems ev’ry time I try, I just get sawdust in my eyes,
It isn’t like I could dupe this lie, I haven’t got enough good inside,
So I run to You and cry, Jesus, I messed up, make it right,
Please make it right, I’m desp’rate, I need this, restore with Your light.

Did you know, dear child,
That you could have gone wild,
And I would have never left your side,
Because you are part of My bride?
And did it ever occur in your mind,
That I could never abandon my pride,
And joy on earth, defined in your eyes,
My child, my joy, my precious find!

You cannot run away from My love,
For I send showers of grace from above,
I will wash you clean of this mud,
Your heart is My dream, so earnest in trust.

Jesus, relieve me.
Please just believe Me.
It feels like I can’t see.
You only need trust Me.
I want to be free.
You’re already in Me!
But I feel dreary…
I will never reject you.
And weary…
Come near Me!
Will You adhere to me? Never leave or jeer at me?
I would never ever reject you. I will never leave you.
He’s never gonna leave,
Never gonna forsake me,
He’s my heavenly Father of peace,
And His Spirit will never retreat!
My Dad, perfect, heavenly,
Your Spirit will always entreat.
Oh peace. Oh oh, heaven, repeat,
These words, that You’ve said to me,
These promises instilled for me to be,
Peaceful, true, set free with mercy!


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