Oh Lord, swing wide my doors,
Get these shutters open hours,
Get me offa all fours,
Let me worship, please, I’m Yours.

I can’t defend my perception or pespective,
Feelin’ like I’m stuck in this deception, it’s infective,
Cannot pretend like I could make it on my own direction,
Probably be homeless ’cause I know this vision is my prison,
It’s had not to feel hopeless, like ev’rything’s subject to my depression,
So tired and exhausted, I think I’ve completely lost it, end this session.

Guess this dopamine fight is my life,
Could never have expected so much strife,
Had really hoped I was a fire to ignite,
Not that five-gallon bucket catchin’ rain last night.
God, how am I supposed to be happy at You,
How’m I supposed to offer up Truth
When all I see is lack of identity, abuse?
Seems all I deal in’s coming up empty, no use.

Oh, not sure how to be sad at You, Lord
Not sure, maybe I’m just mad and bruised, bored,
Can You please come open my doors?
Oh would You please, please put hope in my store?

Just open me up,
Ready for this surgery stuff,
Open heart, working in love,
Knead me like dough, You’re not rough,
Just wanna get leavened in Your hugs,
Just want Your heaven here liike above.
Just wanna feel like I’m in love,
I know that’s not the deal, I’m just low,
Wishin’ I could lift You up while You’re puttin’ on a show.

Wish my physical wasn’t so against my inside man,
Wish I didn’t have to defend these hands,
Really never rather defect when I trust Your plans,
Please help me fall in love with You all over again.


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