Answerer of prayer,
Dancer in my stare,
Father, You’re aware
Of ev’ry single little thing of which I could be beware,
You love from forever to forever,
Before a word is on my tongue, You know it altogether,
When I sit and when I lie down, no matter where,
I could never escape Your everlasting air,
Never underduck Your whispering care,
Never thnk bad luck could tangle up Your hair.

I am so happy with You,
I am so very thankful, too,
You answer my prayers, You 
Paid attention to my bruised,
Infected wound, You healer, You,
You made it clearer, too!
Everything You do!
Oh! I give all praise to You!

Tears in my eyes today like most other days,
But God, this time it’s praise, for You clear my heady daze,
Answer my anguished maze of mind-game plays
I could’ve never vanqushed, You amaze this guy’s face.

OH! You restored him to know,
OH! You help us believe in Your hope,
OH! To properly praise You for untying our ropes,
For belying our stained hands and redeeming us though
We were sinful and wretched in throes.

Thank You,
Praises to You, too,
Honour and glory run through
Your heart to my own, hope gets renewed,
Singing Your songs is all I want to do,
Take me along on Your steadfast cajole,
Remind me of You and all that You do,
The things that You’ve said, it’s always the Truth.
Ev’rything You do, I belong to You.
Holy, God, forever,
Praise You in heaven,
And earth, the same, love Your presence,
Forever Love, You are righteousness,
Incarnate, whole, never pretending,
I love you, Father, thank You for lending
You hand, Your perfect, holy intentions,
Thank You for Your will, forever perfected.
Thank You for Your Name, forever elected.


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