God, can I make this extra clear?
Ev’ry day You find me, meet me here,
Diving into my Safe Place, surrender my fear,
You are my Saviour, my Hero, forever near.

I keep getting my teeth chipped on this bit,
Getting all stuck in this idea like “Now I’ve got it,”
God, it’s You Who are good, You’ve never forgotten,
And when I get lost in, my own sense of justice,
It’s always You Who saves the day, lifts me out of the crushin’,
Rushin’, never stopping to examine the lesson.

Now, I know there’s no need to keep trying to be,
Keep trying to see what Christ wants to manifest in me,
Like He’s not already seen what I think is only a dream,
So stop my screaming and redeem me while I lean,
Oh my God and on my King, Jesus saved my life for free.
Gonna lean on my King, ‘Cause He saved my life for free.

Adopted me,
This propped up tree,
Restored my sight to see,
This faith or else I’d flee,
Ev’ry day’d be too much for me,
I get too overwhelmed to be,
Anything that You could use easily,
Most days I’m like a ship at sea,
But You faithfully,
Restore, honour me,
No more floundering,
It’s like I’m brand new each day,
Yesterday’s forgiven away,
Tomorrow’s already been walked by Yahweh,
Today’s the day of salvation, and of His grace,
Jesus’ blood’ll save me even from last place.

So lemme be a dooorkeeper,
In the house of my God,
Won’t dwell in the tents of deep sleepers,
Don’t leave me on the outside,
Oh can I see You, Redeemer,
Face to face and Eye to eye?
Understand that I will never be freer,
Than when I’m submitted to abide.

And it seems the water’s just as high on the in- as on the outside,
It’s like even when I get it right, I’m still all caught in bad intentions, my pride,
Is the plank  that’s always in my eye, need Your forgiveness to imbibe,
God it’s in You I wanna abide,
Jesus, it’s Your heart I wanna live inside.
Meet me here and nullify my bad guy,
Meet me here and nullify my bad guy.


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