I don’t know what to say,
Guess I’m kinda speechless today,
Thought I was somebody who could say,
I was more important than Your Name.

Jesus, You are Who’s holy,
Yahweh, it’s You who are righteous,
God, I’m not worthy,
It’s only You who could right this.

Father, forgive me for I have sinned,
I need the blood of Your Son again,
Ev’ry day I just do the same old thing,
Spinning in, wallowing in my iniquiting.
Please help me live in Your forgiveness,
Father, I repent of my self-livingness,
My life is Yours, You lie me down in bliss,
Your heart in mine, never coulda lived like this.

Help me to see beyond this fear,
Redeem me to set my feet “up here,”
Light my path so I don’t flee when I’m weak,
Help me shut my mouth so I don’t speak.

Father I know,
You love my soul,
Break these spurs from my bones,
This is where I am right now, so cold,
Inside, I will not hide, You are my Home,
See me, inspect me, please read my poem,
Walk into my living room and break this stone,
This heart of mine, trying to self-atone,
Always feel lonely, help me not to groan,
Not to scream to die, fighting off the suicide alone,
Cigarettes become the fuse I light to cope,
Just ignite this ticking time bomb, release Your hope.

But I’m Yours, Abba, always,
And this life I live is Your play,
Every time I fall, I pray,
God save me from this den, lions bray,
Shut their mouths, oh save this day!

Oh save this day too.

Your lovingkindness is from everlasting to everlasting,
You are so wrapped around it, You’re all-encompassing,
The way You work Your mercy, it’s like You’re elastic,
Foorever unchanging, but giving, never bombastic.

Forgive me, heal me, set me free!
Redeem me, reseat me in places heavenly,
Repeat these lessons You teach until I believe,
Treat me, Father, as You have promised to be,
Oh, honour Your righteous vows to me,
Reveal Your self in spite of my grief,
Repeal my hell, set my sight on Your peace,
Oh Freedom, Yeshua means Safety,
Could never close my eyes to not see,
Your mercy, glory, forgiveness restoring,
My life back to Yours, vines entwining.

Holy, perfect and true,
You will never fail to be you. 
My Father is perfect and true,
He will never fail to help you.


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