Tell Me what’s going on,
Dear child, please sing your song,
The road feels like it’s gotten long,
But I will never forget you, son.

Nobody saw my second try, no one pulled me aside,
If anybody had cared to cry out and tell me what was nigh,
If any single one of them had cared to help me when I cried,
If there was any love in them, I sure felt helpless when it all died…

Could it have gone better if they’d introduced my fetters?
Would my tongue be less burnt if I’d been more trusting of my betters?
But they’ve all made a fool of me, caught me undressed under the covers,
Guess it’s no surprise to me when you point the finger at me, at my other.
Being too vague?
This veil’s a truth drag,
Pulling anchor’s a dry gag,
Telling the truth now’s a leaky bag,
Couldn’t plug up all the holes if I had a rag…
If I talk to you, then this other thing’s revealed to you,
And when I look to another view, I get dismissed too,
So what am I supposed to do? Give up on this walk with You, too?
Couldn’t do it if the truth in me was bruised and crumbling into
A cold-, dead-hearted vacuum of everything that I can’t do.

Guess it’s got the best of me,
God, or it feels like it at least,
Can’t release this inner beast,
It’s in me to feed and feast,
Nobody ever told me.
Nobody stopped to tell me.

Why would they rather gossip
Than repent and turn to stop it?
How could they want to profit
From my suicidal thought shit?
Why are they all such cowards?
I am in my final hour…
Thought these words won’t take me backwards,
Who was I kidding, there’s no password…

It just feels absurd,
I never hear a word,
Before it’s analyzed and turned,
Purified before it’s learned,
It’s like they think I’m blind,
Like this hell’s all in my mind,
But I’m done walking in this line,
But I beg, please, they don’t turn this time,
And stick me in the gut with that old famous knife of mine.
Don’t stick me in the gut with that old famous knife of mine.

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