I just wanna get this right!
Compulsive with it in fright,
Obsessively snared up in this fight,
I will never see it all, look to the Light,
When all I see is blight, got to remember my right,
To live without spite, forever freedom to ignite,
Love like your soul might recover from its plight,
Hope that you’re headed right toward the end of this fight,
No more pretendin’ this self-right to defend my sight,
I’m blinded beyond slight, this plank is a counterweight,
Never had a right to postulate, never took account of my stake.
Father, I am Yours,
Jesus, You adore,
Your children when we’re sore,
When we’re broken beyond words,
You’re so close to the weary wand’rers,
When we’re convinced we’re goners,
You turn up the honour.

You’re amazing.
Splendid and majestic,
You dehaze me,
Intention’s so perfected,
Jesus gave me,
His heaven inheritance,
You amaze me, help me through this haze see, and You’re gracious,

You are perfect, right and holy,
You fulfill my longing fully,
All the glory that I long to see,
Inside of me’s fulfilled in He
Who died to pay for my sins in mercy,
Rose again in victory, stomping Satan’s torture chamber with His feet,
No more hell defeat, He killed death forever, see.
Now the righteousness I see I can see, is His life forever burning in me,
Holy Spirit, sealed over me, this is the only real sanctity.
And Jesus didn’t say what the church does,
My God did not say to pretend like we’re done.
Like the work that we’re doing isn’t already won,
But our Father accomplished it through His Own Son,
Humbled like us, rejected, we beat Him and spat on,
The Author and Fulfilment of the covenant of law.
So if He already did it, and if my God’s really love,
If the eternity nature of the gifts from above,
Doesn’t bely uncertainty that we can’t overcome,
Then why try overcome, why even bother to run?

So I know it’s not my guilt,
That could ever save me from my swill,
I know it’s Jesus’ will,
That I rely on Him and He will,
Make parks from a landfill,
Move us forward from a standstill,
Redeem this awkward, uncertain man still.

You are righteous.
You are right for us,
Your right is righteousness,
Your righteousness is right in us.


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