To Jesus:

This is for Jesus,
My God, Who freed us,
Who will never leave us,
Who forgave our grievance.

You are the Author of patience,
You’re magnificent in greatness,
My Lord, You are proficient with stainless,
The way You work in me sustains this.

Please let me always sing Your praise,
Even on the stupid, sinful, hazy days,
You remind me I’m not condemned away,
That You freed me so I could look above and say:

You are holy, holy, worthy of all honour, glory,
Power, You are holy and You are my Father, for me,
You are never against me, but you call me further, proceed,
Your loving arm will never falter or be anything but falling mercy.

And when I fall again–it just keeps happening–and,
You hear my call, dear Friend I’m broken and spinning, stand,
Catch me so I don’t fall, fear’s ended and I’m done with kicking cans,
You are honourable, transcendent in time, love overtaking man.

And when we’re weak, You are strong,
When we cannot speak, You refuel our song,
When we’re broken, creaking, Your love comes along,
Sets us free, washes us clean, done while we’re still lost.

So let me set a guarantee,
For anyone who reads this to see,
If God would die for you and me,
If He would spare His Son so we,
Could walk in hope and victory,
Then surely He sees fit to free,
Your chains before you truly breathe.
This lesson I learned by watching a seed,
It died to become a sproutling to weed,
To grow and to flourish, to become a tree,
Of righteousness grown on banks of peace.

So Father, oh Father, give me grace to see,
The righteousness Christ imparted to me,
I know that these words could use a re-read,
But You look in my heart, not what I think is weak.

So write Your holy Word in me,
And let me see my victory,
The cross will always set me free,
You died so I could love in peace!


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