Diner Coffee

Here’s my heart, Lord,
Here’s what’s tangling in my sword,
It might sound really absurd,
But today feels totally backward.

Accidentally made diner coffee,
Guess it’s aptly describin’ me,
Stretched thin like butter scraped thinly,
Over too much bread, worn out from grief,
Watered down and only suffused with what was already used, have mercy,
Maybe it’s just the stupid cigarette I’m smokin’ that’s sustaining me,
Fulfilling some dark, dirty need to hurt myself, repay Your fee,
And I’m honestly so tired of this same old depressed soliloquy,
Hate the sound of that word so deeply, it’s oppressive to me,
Seems all I got’s this honesty, begging You to rescue, to see,
To look upon all of my wretched deeds, restore my soul to revery.

If I complain, help me not refrain,
From praising Your Name and hoping in faith,
Worship is truth, I can always proclaim,
The glory of God, the wonder of His claim
To fame, never blames His kids for their ways,
Just corrects, restores, His loving eyes don’t stray,
So let’s forever praise His holy, perfect Name.

God, even when it’s impossible,
Lord, no matter what, You’re worthwhile,
You strengthen me when I’m weak, I’m forever full,
Pick me up when I bleed, You’re eternal fire.


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