You’re the One Who says, “Isn’t it time for your medicine?”
You’re the One Who walks outside with me, not mad at my coughing fits,
You’re the One Who never makes fun of it, quiet’s for Your instruction,
You’re the One Who says, “Be still, you’re just tripping out.”

You’re the One Who’s more familiar with my tendencies, with my needs,
Than I could ever be, You help me see, You just encourage me,
And God, I guess it’s love I need, never seem satisfied when there’s hidden greed,
You’re my strength indeed, when I’m in need, You never break Your speed,
Except to slow down, to make me lie down, green pastures of relief,
Running waters, wisdom is a bubbling brook, my God is my Bequeathed.
You are the One Who looks on me with a smile,
Expecting what I love to become my life, while
It’s like He’s already been here, already walked by,
Left it infused with joy and forever glory,
Your Name, Your inheritance, eternal story,
Lift Him up, holy, high and hallowed, He took our worry!
I’m here and You’re there and You’re near,
To those who’re close, and those who’re far,
When we call upon Your Name, You answer, “Adored,
I love you with forever fire, brightly burning, never devoured,
You were made for this purpose,” He works miracles, He’s my Lord!
When I can’t overcome, He marches in and speaks a Word!
“Boom! Ka-pow! Get out of his head now! You’re being absurd,
This is My child, who I bought with my blood, brought out from his herd,
His prayers I surely have heard, and I will never deny His hurt,
So begone from him now and he will praise My Name forever.”

 You are holy, holy, and true,
You are perfect, awesome, You’re You,
Words never encapsulate how much You do,
So I’ll just always serve Your Name, woohoo!


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