I want to go deeper,
No longer a sleeper,
God, my Redeemer,
You are my blessing Heaper,
My harvest Reaper,
My eternal Keeper,
My obstacle Lever,
My dungeon Freer,
My iniquity fever,
You burn it up to embers,
Until I’ve never been emptier,
‘Til I’m desp’rate for Your tincture,
Acknowledgement of my inaccurate measure,
Of these unjust scales of mine, in mind, don’t lecture…
You’re my Judge and my Lawyer,
My Help and my Buyer,
Freed me from this pyre,
Untied my ropes, broke all my chains without ire,
Lord, I think I can retire,
Don’t wanna be a liar.
So pull me deeper, deeper, deeper within,
Just wanna believe there, caught up in the air, singin’ Your hymns,
Worshipful and, not starin’ at my sin, rejoicing in Him,
That is who I wanna be, let it be, let me be, not a wannabe,
Love me dear, hold me close, redeem this bothered, stumped and troubled me,
Heal my broken knee,
Guide me on this empty sea,
Restore my fallen countenance to see,
This brokenness rejuvenates me.

Clloser, deeper, pull me within,
Hold me, keep me, nullify my sin,
Boldy, free me, embolden my grin,
Rebuild me, sanctify with peace, strengthen me within.
Wanna fall on You, I’m broken,
Lord, I belong, it’s true, You’ve spoken,
Not getting left out alone, renewed, flame restoked and,
You’ll never let me go, I couldn’t elude it, re-yolked in Him.

Bring me lower,
But draw me deeper,
Call me closer,
But hold me, Redeemer,
Make me sober,
But rejoicing in my Healer.


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