Diggity-Die Already

What does it mean to die to myself?
I’m honestly inquisitive, cannot hide this on a shelf,
Gotta deny the self-pleasure lifestyle so I can avoid a life of hell,
But what to do when all you see is condemnation that sells?
Half price, on-sale, this deal’s just for you today, ignore the smell,
Produce from the discount rack, stupid heart attacks, can’t handle this well,
No longer int’rested in self-righteous self-harm, self-abasing, selfish self help.
So die already, me,
Just die to live inside,
Want my inner man alive, God, Your goodness is nigh,
Jesus, live through me, overlookk my iniquity,
Mountaintops to ski, enjoy the periphery.

All things are Yours and You are in all things,
I know this is true and that the world is for You,
Help me remember to see Your Spirit working,
Love, hope, faith and joy, Your peace forever burning,
And things I put in me don’t produce in this heart the yearning,
No, I know that what I want’s already in there, stirring,
So please replenish this empty vessel, I’m hurting,
Replace what my fleshly thinks it needs, restore a clean heart in me,
Help me overcome this need, this barbed and thorny seed,
It’s You I need, not food, clothes or shelter, or medical weed.

HELP me praise, I WILL not get fazed, restore me from this vapid phase,
This life is a maze, a labyrinth of ways, just want to stay,
In Your gaze, Yahweh. Please be with me today.
Live through my life the way we were made.
Live through me, Your Light is the way.


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