God, I gotta admit that I’m not,
Nearly the person I thought,
I cannot become the perfection I sought,
I gotta admit this body cast of sin is my lot.

So leave me here, open my eyes so it’s clear,
You say You hold me so dear, open these ears to hear,
Isn’t it written that it’s good to stay where I’m called, “Come here.”

From what square do I dare to begin this affair?
If it isn’t square one, admitting to ev’rything I’ve done–it’s only fair,
Come to terms with the fact that I could never be the One, how did I dare?

And now I’ve come to see that You want me to receive,
To believe, live a life that adheres to Your perfect Ways, Your relief,
No more to be deceived, it’s You in me, Jesus Christ, You’re perfect in grief.

You’re my Safety, You’re my Anyway, You’re my Somehow,
If the Way out is shining, it’s Your Son abiding, Your life in me, I wanna perceive how,
Live Your perfect life in me, Your mind in mine, abiding through time, holy and hallowed!

Because I know now the Way isn’t filled with pointless pain,
Grinding without gain, no that’s not Your will, isn’t in Your Name,
That every good thing I see is You, Your work in the world and me like rain.

Remove this awful trap, replace this body cast,
I’m new underneath, suffuse joy into my past,
Remind me of what’s ahead, what’s above, what’s going to last!

Treasures in heaven, forever to endure,
Holiness, perfection, my Father is so pure,
Righteous wisdom, intellect and love ensured,
Daddy, God, lift my eyes to You, help me be demure.


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