God, I’m overwhelmed,
I feel so compelled,
To get this on the page, not to tell,
Just to vent, forget about hell.

Put me at the bottom of a pit, say “This is it,” 
But God would still be in there with me, He’d say “Sit,”
And “Let me hold you ’til you’re fit.”
I could climb up to the summit,
Feelin’ like I’ve really conquered it,
Take a look around, say, “This is it, I did it!”
But without You, it’d be useless and vapid.
‘Cause each mountain has its valley, it’s not stupid,
I need you each and ev’ry minute, cannot contain it.
If it’s rainin’ and if the sun is shinin’,
Let me be hopeful and thankful in Your timing,
If it’s richness or if it’s famine,
Let me never forget Your pardon,
You are the Light that shines through my soul, parting,
Intent from action, heart-itude from instinctive reaction starting
From the very core and working out, brand-new life imparting.


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