There’s a picture I wanna paint,
There’s a juncture I’d love to recreate,
There’s an image I really want to portray,
There’s a peace in me I don’t wanna exacerbate.

See, first, there’s a seed, no greed; just need,
Second, there’s another breed, a heavenly, eternal creed,
First, Adam, through whom death came, lifeless and buried,
Then, Jesus, Who birthed a new being despite our failed deeds,
So grow my inner man, make strong these knees, forever abide in me,
I abide in His best, my roots’ll grow deep in Yeshi, free, never deny Your fee.
So let my outer nature die, doobie in the eye,
Let my inner man energize, exercise, livin’ in Your peace and never surmise,
Set my eyes above the smoke, it’s in my eyes, without You, God, I die…

Get my mindset outta this hindsight,
Set my gutters right, clean me out so I’m bright,
Waterproof my roof tight, nothing gets in at night,
Shatterproof these windows with Your everlasting light,
Help me grow this oak tree by rivers without blight,
Show me how to focus, set my gaze on Your alignment,
Your stars in the sky and, Your perfect, ever-loving eyesight.


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