For Now

I thought I had to get it right from the get go,
Though it was mandatory for my light to never fade low,
Didn’t realize it was You in me who was running the show,
Didn’t understand that I couldn’t, treading water in a stagnant cove.

So just meet me here, just let me see clear,
I can’t do this without the way You snuff fear,
Pinch it like a wick, I’m no longer wicked, even when it’s near,
And what’s the valley of the shadow of death but a year,
Or two that feel dreary, make you weary, remind you that you’re not nearly,
Who you oughtta be, what you wanna be; you’re not a wannabe, you’re His joy to lead.

Oh lead me, take me further in,
Along right paths, Your lamp this path is lightin’,
For Your righteous Name’s sake; I am not fightin’,
Against Your will anymore, I’m just a door, crooked but straightened,
Please just draw close to me where I am, I AM, this road is trying.

Let it be, give it to Me, there is no more soliloquy, your heart belongs to Me,
I am your Father so let go and be free, I love your career, it’s okay to be weird,
Just remember that I AM will always be near, not letting go, your heart is too dear.
Believe, believe, believe! That is how you receive, I do not deceive, My heart is not grieved,
So don’t be bereaved, brokenhearted about your dreams, it is Mine to redeem,
Be not dismayed, and do not be shaken, I love you extreme, this is not just a dream,
Spent ev’ry last cent on restoring your spirit, do you think that I wouldn’t continue in that stream?
So remain here for now, tomorrow’s never just like the forecast,
Let go of the shame in your past, yesterday was your last, so smash, crash.
Got skulls to bash, spiritual strongholds to scatter like trash, no fast cash,
Following my Father ’cause He’s a lovely stream of water, won’t look back,
The past was a heart attack, but the future’s a fruit snack that lasts past when Jesus comes back.

Oh take my heart and run with it like a kite!
Father, restore my wobbly-wheeled cart, let me ignite!
You are He Who Creates Life, leviathan is Yours, Your Word’s like a knife,
Who scattered the stars with the sweep of an arm, a Word was spoken; right.
“It is good,” so let Your kingdom come, understood, create in us a quiet like the still of night,
Your grace is good enough for me, I surrender me, You are worthy of so much praise and fright,
Reverent and fearful, I’d rather be tearful than filled with pride and self-righteous spite,
Oh praise His holy Name!
Jesus died to take the blame!
I’m not just glad, I am amazed,
You, You saved me from the haze.


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