Have you ever felt like the cards that you’re dealt,
Are insufficient in their imperfections, no solutions, just getting more tense?
Did you know that even before the stress goes away, it’s a see-throughable haze?
Can you believe or understand it? Cannot let it go or underhand it,
I think you should hear this, it’s not about your pretense,
It isn’t about your failures, not even the things you comprehend,
You could do right all day without love and it wouldn’t change in the end,
But there’s hope for the broken, rest for the weary, I can’t contain it!

I think there’s more righteousness in letting go,
Than I could ever find in my self-abasing wallow,
Never giving up, but I can trust that Your sacrifice wasn’t shallow,
That when You said it is finished, Your Words would never diminish!

And I pray I’m not rebelling in my old rebellion, that I used to revel in,
I just keep praying for the Kingdom, and, sometimes it feels like a mouthful of sand,
But I don’t give up, no, I won’t quit love, settin’ eyes on my Father above,
And I think this life got harder, but the gym is not a larder, gettin’ stronger, maybe smarter.
Admitting that you’re at the bottom is the safest way to need a pardon,
But it’s given straight from heaven, forgiveness in my Father’s garden.

I hope and pray for strength today,
For wisdom to send this death away,
I’ll fall apart if I hesitate, step in haste,
Nothing in life is worth a taste,
Unless I’m armed with God’s true grace,
Just wanna open up all the way,
God, look in, please, Yahweh!


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