Bend Me Back

I want to get this straight,
Would love to set my mind right,
So I’m letting these words flow out,
Not for you, but just so I don’t doubt.

I’m learning to see there’s a log in me,
In my eye, can’t focus or cry, I don’t see,
When I’m just focused on this lack in me,
I know You speak the way I can hear,
You hold me so near, You called me, I’m here.

And I feel so insignificant,
Just rhymin’ four-letters, intricate with it,
Wish I could do it better, I can’t investigate this.
It was never about words, that even sounds absurd.
But Your Word confirms it in the Spirit, I’m Yours.
I’m so dirty and sinful, it’s all I can look at, I’m willful,
Help me, Father, I do not want to rebel so.
My heart cries out, heavenly Abba, set the record straight,
I’m not here to enervate, I hesitate, God, set my mind right!

For real though,
I’m below,
Wanna rise above, not fall low,
You give me the strength, You’re not shallow,
Help me win this battle, I am Yours, not scrambled,
Scatter this tattletale mindset, I’m addled with all this prattle,
Oh protect me with a cattle gate, I can’t attain, I get so rattled,
Why this open field without a shadow? It’ll get a little wild…

I am Yours,
You call me towards,
Life, eternal, abundant and onwards.
So I will walk by faith, and when I fail,
I know Who advocates my help in hail,
I will not fail–I did–but You are faithful,
Help me worship You in action, not just my mindscape,
Help me to lift You up in deed, not just cleverness in word games.


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