More of You

Lift my eyes up to the hills,
Lord, I’m Yours, open my eyes to see Your will,
Help me to see, I’m no wannabe, I’m Yours because You bought me,
This life’s not my own, I’m on my knees at Your throne, 
Everything I do, please let it honour You.

I knew this would happen, it was bound to re-attack me,
This OCD diagnosis was free, but the price tag it cost , was it necessary?
It’s a scuff on a knee until you check if it’s real,
Then it’s there just to steal, like you’re feeding it fuel,
But this wasn’t by chance, and I’m not just a fool,
Quit crushing my hands, I’m not here for your school.

See it was all hidden inside of me,
I internalized it heavily,
The generalized anxiety
Was from my trying at your propriety,
And it isn’t your fault that I fell quite mis’rably,
And it isn’t my fault if I take it so heavily,
‘Cause I know now my God is extra heavenly,
That He takes what I brought and cherishes it readily,
Treasures in heaven are what I’m developing,
And I know Jesus has my life enveloped in Him.

So I can’t–won’t–hide it anymore,
I will not pretend I’m like you or like you’re,
Somehow better at this than me–or worse,
I am not gonna lie to your face, this is my embarrassment waste,
But I’ve gotten a taste, I’ve caught just a glimpse,
Of the sweetest of love, of my Father above,
And I don’t wanna let it go! But OH, this secret I know:
Life is rest, it’s profound in its test,
To believe is the best, but it’s not an army tent,
I am not hellbent on retaining this argument,
I know Your grace is sufficient for me, it’s so freeing,
I know the way You gave Youself up for me is the way that I wanna be,
But I won’t lie when I say I’d rather die,
Than ever wander from Your eye,
Hold me close, Father, I,
Cannot endure another day of mapless sky,
Constantly attempting to reinvent me, but You set me free,
Show me I don’t need to rebecome me when You’re already working on me,
What’s an oak tree that forces out an apple? I can’t take the preamble,
Help me not to prattle, I can win this battle, You’re my horse and saddle.
Just a kid in the crowd,
Trying to shout because I think it’s loud,
Pick me up, please be proud,
Not tall enough to see on my own, lift this shroud.

Oh! Wanna worship God in truth,
Oh oh, think I wanna fall for You,
Think I’d rather recieve my due,
Than ever give this up or turn away from You,
Help me set my focus on what’s true,
God, I love everything You do.
Show me more of what thrills You,
I’m just here to adore You.


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